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About Us

Open Forum News is a personalized, open-source, e-newspaper with the goal of connecting news readers with news makers and writers.  

In addition to reading great news from around the region, readers can personalize their experience by entering a zip code in the welcome bar and browsing through their local news.

Anyone can participate and submit content to Open Forum News, and many will be paid for the work they submit.  There are, of course, basic standards for content, but it is our belief that a greater quality of news will be produced with less editorial interference.  Start participating today by commenting on an article or writing an article about something of interest to you and sharing your work with your friends.

Our free, electronic newspaper is available to everyone.  We also have many traditional services like classifieds available in our marketplace and an event calendar.  We are launching new features as they come online so stay tuned and check back regularly.  Please tell your friends about us by liking us Facebook  or tweeting about us on Twitter.